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1st for Women claims contact details – 1st for Women contract; Your safety is our priority – that’s why we created Guardian Angel on Call: 24/7 Accident and Roadside Assistance, which includes: our mobile crash detector that sends an ambulance if you need emergency medical assistance if you were in a severe accident, an authorised tow-truck to meet you at your exact location, a Guardian Angel to wait with you if you feel unsafe, a lift to get you wherever you need to go, and our claims team will be notified immediately of your accident.

And now we’ve further enhanced our offering to include a panic button that assists with alerting external help in any situation in which you feel unsafe.

How do I contact 1st for Women – 1st for Women car insurance contact details – 1st for Women sms number?

This entails Vehicle, Home Contents, Building, Business and Personal Insurance.


Learn more about our Complaints resolution handling here.

Can 1st for Women call me back?

Simply complete your details, click on submit (1st for Women claims – 1st for Women contract) – and one of our sales advisors will call you back within a few minutes. Click here to request your 1st for Women online insurance quote now.

1st for Women Login – 1st for Women My Portal

Welcome Login to the 1st for Women portal – packed with innovation.

  • View and update your policy and personal details
  • Request your policy documents anytime, anywhere
  • Insure your laptop, cellphone, jewelry and more in no time
  • Submit and track the progress of your claim



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Vehicle insurance

What is vehicle insurance in South Africa?

Vehicle insurance – Best car insurance in South Africa is an agreement between the insurance company and the Vehicle owner wherein, the Vehicle owner will pay premiums and the insurance company covers for loss or damage caused to the Vehicle. Vehicle Insurance is mandatory in South Africa regardless of whether it is a commercial vehicle or a personal vehicle.

How much is car insurance per month in South Africa?

According to the credit provider, the average monthly motoring cost for South Africans was R7 119.80 in July 2017. This was 6.1% higher compared to the cost the previous year.

What is the cheapest car to insure in South Africa?

The Cheapest Used Cars to Insure in South Africa

  • Toyota Hilux.
  • Toyota Venture.
  • Isuzu KB280.
  • Mitsubishi Colt.
  • Nissan Hardbody.
  • Nissan 1400 bakkie.
  • Isuzu KB250.
  • Toyota Quantum.

What are the 3 types of car insurance?

The three types of car insurance that are universally offered are liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance. Drivers can still purchase other types of auto insurance coverage, like personal injury protection and uninsured/underinsured motorists, but they are not available in every state.





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